The California Assessors' Association (CAA) is a statewide non-profit professional association for County Assessors formed in December 1902. 

The CAA consists of county assessors from each California county and honorary members that have made distinctive contributions to the advancement of the organization.

Assessors and their staff members are "members" and log in with their email and password.

Please email [email protected] with any questions

The Benefits of Membership

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The California Assessors' Association (CAA) has several types of membership available.

Regular Members - This membership consists of assessors from each county in California. If a county has no assessor, the "acting assessor" shall have regular member status until an assessor is appointed or elected.  Only regular members may serve as officers or be a member of the the Executive Committee.  Regular members have full voting rights of the Association, and are required to pay membership dues.

Honorary members - The Executive Committee may approve memberships to individuals who have made 'distinctive' contributions to the Association.  Honory members are not required to pay membership dues.

What We Do

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The purpose of the organization is to promote:

  • Cooperation of the assessing officers of California in matters of mutual interest and responsibility;
  • Improvement of assessment procedures for the public good;
  • Improvement in the assessment laws of the State of California for the public good;
  • Liaison with the State Board of Equalization;
  • Liaison with the International Association of Assessing Officers;
  • Promote cooperation and communication among the various Assessors and their personnel within a regional group.